Windy Ridge Railroad

The WRRR is located in deep east Texas near Nacogdoches. It features 5,700 feet of bi-directional mainline, 11 towns with passing sidings, Bonita Industrial District and 3,500 feet of yard and siding track.  The primary yard has 5 – 100’ double ended tracks and 2 run-around tracks to the loading area. Trinity Industrial has 3 – 50’ tracks. There are 47 industries on the railroad for “Operations”.

Grades approach 2.5% with a minimum radius of 50 feet. Safety chains are required, brakes recommended.

Loading/Unloading accomplished with 14’ transfer table with a maximum height of 6’ and a minimum of 19”.

RV – 4-30 amp and camper 3-20 amp receptacles. A Capture/Release signal system is used to control access to bidirectional track.

Windy Ridge is a Drug & Alcohol Free Railroad. Smoking is restricted in all enclosed areas unless you are a steam engine, then it’s OK.

The diamond is part of the new “Y” at Attoyac

5 Steaming Bays and 6 Steam/Diesel Bays

Lift and Transfer table, 14 ft.

Trestle at WRRR

The crew at WRRR has been working hard since the last meet to fine tune the railroad. Attoyac Yard now has a turning “Y”, and the signal system has been updated for dependability. WRRR has 11 towns, with at least 2 stub sidings that can be used to park “out of service” equipment. WRRR has a total of 20 Locomotive parking spots with power to recharge electric equipment. Trinity industries and Bonita Industrial Park provides parking for non-electric equipment.

Attoyac Yard

Bill Howe Memorial Bridge (160 ft.)

Covered Bridge

Paul’s Valley Station
The station is a pleasant train watching area and provides steam locos a watering place off the mainline.

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