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  • Transportation of 1.5” Scale Equipment – Even More Options December 10, 2013
    Continued from More Options Of course as time went on, when I went to a “running” meet, I was envious of those that were able to bring additional cars for a full train. As I looked around, the most common solution to this need was a trailer. Trailers are a very popular solution for carrying our ...
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  • Transportation of 1.5” Scale Equipment – More Options November 8, 2013
    When I was able to lease a box cab from Jack Haskins, I wanted to haul it to meets.  Since I own a minivan, I decided to build a deck that would fit in the rear of the van. I built the deck from ¾” plywood with 1 X 2” oak rails.  The rails were spaced ...
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  • Transportation of 1.5” Scale Equipment – Some Options September 7, 2013
    Upon initiation into 1.5” scale, it did not take long to realize many things changed from experiences in the HO hobby. I learned from others and made some mistakes. Hopefully this review of several items will help others. My first effort to own 1.5” scale equipment was the purchase of a cabin car (caboose). Rick White ...
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  • Building Pulpwood Cars August 20, 2013
    In East Texas where I grew up, the harvesting and shipping of pulp wood was a common sight. Trucks delivered the cut logs to shipping yards where the logs were placed on rail cars designed for that purpose. Pulpwood cars were very similar to today’s bulk head flats with the major difference being the floors ...
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  • IBLS Wheel Standards April 15, 2013IBLS Wheel Standards
    From the “IBLS Wheel Standards” published in the October 1981 issue of Live Steam magazine.
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