Why Should I Join SWLS?

SWLS is an organization with few rules -mainly- have fun. The number one reason to get involved with this group is the people that make up the membership. They are fun loving and form long lasting friendships. The individuals have expertise in many different fields, from what coal to burn in a steam locomotive to the electrons running around in a diesel locomotive. And, they will share this information, help you, and listen to your interests and knowledge. We are fortunate to have a number of tracks in Texas. They are owned by individuals who welcome you to come out to help and/or just enjoy the facilities. This website has a form available that will allow you to be involved and get you to a SWLS track.

The second reason for joining SWLS is the equipment. Seeing diesels, steam locomotives and cars in 1.5” scale is unique. It is very close to the real thing, except you can be up front and personal with it. The options are limitless. If you want to watch only, you can. If you want to build equipment/structures or repair track, you can. If you want to operate like the real thing from yards to industries, you can. If you just want to ride a train, you can. If you want to own a car, diesel, etc., you can. The point once again, is to have fun. You can do this with zero investment, or you can decide to go further.

The Southwestern Live Steamers have always welcomed new members. If you are interested in just checking us out or joining the group, visit our website (southwesternlivesteamers.org) and let us hear from you.