Annetta Valley & Western Railroad

The Annetta Valley & Western is located west of Ft. Worth and provides a 9000′ mainline, round trip.  The minimum radius is 50′ and the minimum frog is a #6.  There are two operational yards.  The 19 diesel servicing bays are accessed via a 19′ transfer table.  Electrical plugs are accessible.  Unloading is handled by a 12′ transfer table that can lift to 6′.  Air and water are accessible at the 23 steaming bays.  The 14′ turntable is also a hydraulic lift.

The dispatching tower overlooks the loading platforms of the three track passenger depot. The mainline crosses 6 low and 1 high bridges and passes through 5 towns with numerous passing sidings and spurs. Grades approach 3%. Emergency maintenance can be handled in the complete shop with lathe, bench mill, drill press, grinders, MIG welder, and sanders.

Social gatherings find themselves in the centrally located, tree shaded picnic area with a 50 seat covered pavilion.  There is an area for 12 campers with water and electrical connections and shower facilities.  The track is 20 minutes from major hotels and ample restaurants.

(The following photos credited to Ken Fitzgerald.)